Energy Healing Reiki Bondi Junction


Energetic Healing is a broad term that represents manipulating the energy circuits in our physical and subtle bodies through a range off hands-on and hands-off techniques to bring you back to balance, and to support the body facilitate its innate healing mechanisms. Energetic treatments are a holistic approach to wellness where the practitioner acts as a conduit to support the flow and vibration of the energy system of the body, with an intention to remove any physical pain, stress and anxiety from the body.


Chakra balancing refers to balancing the seven major chakras that support energy to move up and down the middle of the body, along the same path the nervous system travels from the feet to the top of the head. These seven major Chakra’s are directly located in line with major organs and glands, which when unbalanced, can cause dis-ease in the body, and mind.


Reiki, similarily, is a Japanese practice that channels Ki or life force energy to strengthen the electromagnetic field in and around the body, using symbols and attunements.


Provided by our Energetic Healer, Elese Barrymore, these treatments are a sensory experience that can be felt at varying levels including a flow of energy and sensations such as warmth, cooling, tingling and deep relaxation.