Lovers on a Rocky Beach


An opportunity to fall in love again.

FALLING IN LOVE… FALLING OUT OF LOVE… FINDING TRUE LOVE and all with your happily ever after!

A relationship is a living breathing organism between you and your partner. It asks for your attention, love, and care.


When you are “falling in LOVE”, you experience oneness again, the beautiful, easy, sweet, and sexy time of flow.

“Falling out of LOVE” is an unavoidable consequence after “falling in LOVE”. You are reminded of the pain in your heart and the painful imprints life has left in you. After the reflection of your beauty when you fell in love, your relationship is now the mirror of your hurt, your vulnerability and maybe even lack.

Now it is time to see someone that can help you navigate.

After tending to yourself and your relationship, your hard work, commitment, and courage is rewarded with



The journey to trust, mutual respect, support, clear communication, honouring boundaries and intimacy leads through the path of falling out of love.


It is the sacred journey of your heart and soul that aspires for you to heal, to grow, to expand and to become more whole. You can find a new way of relating, not depending on each other but standing next to each other offering support and love.

Couples Counselling can assist you in navigating difficulties like:

  • Communication breakdown

  • Affairs

  • Judgments

  • Control dynamics

  • Feeling abandoned or smothered by your partner

  • Disrespect

  • Conflicts

  • Intimacy and sexuality


This is a non-judgemental, couple’s centred environment to enhance communication and reignite the spark. It is a space of acceptance, support, and understanding. I welcome all gender identities and relationship types.