Shamanic healing can activate the vital life force and your self-healing ability. It can lead you back to feel empowered and responsible for your healing.

Traditionally, Shamans viewed the root cause of physical, mental or emotional illness as lying in the nonphysical – the spiritual realms, far beyond viruses, bacteria and brain chemistry. Shamanic healing is not a substitute for conventional medical or psychological care but an adjunct to it. Entering a shamanic state of consciousness, I can retrieve information, healing, and wisdom. This may include cleaning and clearing work to release stagnate or dormant energy and increase your body’s ability to heal – a restoration and balancing of the fabric of your soul.

When can a Shamanic Healing assist me?

  • Experience chronic illness and tried everything under the sun

  • Inability to create the shift / change you desire, just not getting there

  • Major life change like an ending, change or a new beginning of

  • Relationship

  • Career

  • Life transitions e.g. motherhood

  • Losing a loved one

  • Redundancies

  • Retirement


A new framework and meaning of your current experience. The integration process is pivotal to your healing and you must choose the newly accessed insights actively. After shamanic healing you can feel:

  • Lighter, like a load or burden has lifted off your shoulders

  • A clearer sense of Self

  • Grounded, present and clear

  • Rested and relaxed

  • Hopeful

  • More meaning and a deeper understanding of life

  • Empowered

  • Purposeful

Indigenous people describe Soul Loss as the fragmentation of the inner vital life force after experiencing a traumatic event. The traumatised soul fragments can dissociate and result in you feeling empty, loss for meaning or disconnection, or a sense “that something is not quite right” since the event.

What can cause Soul Loss?

Any event or life experience that is unexpected and causes a state of shock, disbelieve or trauma.

  • Accidents

  • Extended periods of physical, mental or emotional pain

  • Excessive use of substances in an unsafe environment

  • Difficult relationships or ending of relationships

  • Near-death or out-of-body experiences

  • Abuse of any kind

  • Rejection and or abandonment

  • The unexpected passing of a loved one

  • Loss of personal power


Signs you might experience Soul Loss;

  • Not being able to remember parts of events or life

  • A sense of being lost or separate

  • A sense of a part of yourself is missing

  • Extended periods of depression, anxiety or fear

  • Unexplainable fatigue, lack of motivation, inspiration or drive

  • Inability to move on or overcoming difficulties in life

  • A sense of being out of control


Integration after Soul Retrieval is of utmost importance to embodying and choosing life again. The integration process can offer a sense of;


  • Grounded connection

  • Feeling energised

  • Mental clarity

  • Focus

  • Connection to joy

  • Ability to make decisions

  • Ability to speak your truth

  • A sense of belonging and wholeness