Elese Barrymore

Elese Barrymore is a Wellness Practitioner based in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. As the founder of Chakra Healing Sydney, Elese’s mission is to help people achieve balance in their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Through 10 years of yoga practice, teacher training and a personal journey of wellness, Elese has found integrating nutrition, exercise, therapy and energetic treatments to be the most effective way to navigate life events and trauma.


By applying a range of hands-on and hands-off energetic techniques, combined with meditation and mindfulness, crystals, singing bowls and essential oils, Elese connects with the client's nervous system, organs and glands to shift stagnant or blocked energy from the body. These non-invasive, sensory attunements work with the vibrational aspects of the body to achieve a state of deep relaxation, better quality sleep and reduced levels of physical pain, stress and anxiety.


Having completed a Diploma of Energetic Healing at the Awareness Institute, Elese is a qualified and registered Energetics Practitioner, Reiki Master, Meditation Facilitator and Wellbeing Coach with a passion to help others achieve balance, develop their intuition and create more 'felt' life experiences.


Telephone: 0416 550 523

Email: elese@chakrahealingsydney.com.au
Website: www.chakrahealingsydney.com.au