Gabriela Ming

Gabriela Ming

Gabriela is a specialist in resolving emotional trauma and enhancing spiritual connection.


As a trained nurse she understood very early in her career, that many of the physical health issues can have emotional-spiritual roots. Addressing the physical symptoms only might provide a cure, but not healing for the person.


This observation and her innate desire to see people well sparked an 11 year journey of in-depth studying Mind-Body Medicine, Shamanism, Transpersonal Psychology and many trips in Australia and overseas to a variety of teachers and medicine people in order to work with people's health in a pre-emptive capacity.


In 2006 she moved to Australia where she commenced a cooperate career in a renowned surgery in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs. This opened her eyes even further and confirmed the importance of considering the emotional-spiritual aspects within herself and others to experience health, wealth and wellbeing as a core principle to move from existing to living.


Her extensive corporate experience, supported by her medical background and the 11 year commitment to develop an extraordinary and powerful skillset to provide a holistic, all inclusive service to the local, national and international community that offers a choice and supportive environment to deal with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual experiences.


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Email: info.@soulblossom.com.au

Website: www.soulblossom.com.au