Sue Gordon

Sue has recently migrated to Australia after living and working in the UK for many years as a counsellor and Gestalt Psychotherapist.


Her interest in peoples’ reactions to life situations was sparked as a young girl and she has always worked in professions that involved connecting with the general public. 


In the early 90’s she trained as a counsellor working with adults who had problems with alcohol, including those affected by someone else’s drinking. It soon became apparent that traumatic life events had initiated the dependency and the problems people experienced were compounded by their misuse of alcohol.


During her extensive career in working with complex trauma Sue has gained knowledge of a wide range of theoretical approaches in helping people to manage difficult times more easily. She embarked on a five-year training programme to become a Gestalt Psychotherapist and then trained in New York, over a two-year period, to gain a qualification in Developmental Somatic Studies. Sue also qualified as a supervisor of other practitioners and is a United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) registered psychotherapist.


By utilising the whole of her professional and personal life experiences Sue will work with you individually to help you gain more insight into how your current problems may be rooted in historic reactions to life events and relationships. On recognising and understanding your automatic patterns of relating you can then develop a wider range of choices in how you move forward in creating a lifestyle of your own choosing.

Telephone: 0478286099