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Bara  Koumarova

Bara Koumarova is a qualified transpersonal coach and offers professional individual one on one coaching sessions, group workshops and retreats.

She accompanies her clients on the journey to transformation through uniquely tailored coaching methodologies and specialises in working with individuals in periods of transition in particular women looking for new beginnings.

Bara’s great passion is supporting people in challenging moments, by helping them to create the necessary space in their lives to slow down, take time to feel,  think and make clear decisions in order to create their own unique paths towards a healthier, happier and more balanced life.

Bara specialises in Transpersonal Coaching, a method of transformational coaching that employs a wide range of techniques focusing on client’s own resources and strengths to create change and move forward. Bara’s great passion for creativity and art led her to work with her clients in artistic and creative way if needed or desired,  for some clients it is easier to express themselves through their creativity than with words.

Through a deep listening approach and using professional coaching methodologies, individuals are supported and encouraged in their decisions, transitions, and desires for transformation to enable them to move forward towards their individual goals safely and at their own pace. 


Bara creates a safe space where one can relax and be free to talk about their needs, desires and dreams without fear of judgement. She loves to work with groups in workshop and retreat settings. 

Her passion for helping people has led her to work internationally with not-for-profit organizations with a focus on social justice and community development.

Bara is fluent in Czech, Spanish and English and can offer coaching in any of those languages.


  • Master’s Degree in Social Economics at Johannes Kepler University Linz 

  • Diploma in Transpersonal Coaching from Nature Care College Sydney 

  • Advanced Training at the Institute of Transpersonal Coaching Sydney 

  • Foundation Course of Art therapy from the Metafora Institute in Barcelona


Phone: +61 468 309 050