Transpersonal Art Therapy is a highly effective, gentle and non invasive

healing modality. The intention for each session is for your personal Self-realization, transformation, discovery and empowerment.

Through the use of a variety of art materials, meditation, music and movement you are invited to express the content of your inner world using the creative tools of imagery, colour and symbol. It is not about creating 'pretty or perfect' art work, and
no art skills are required.

The creative process quickly and powerfully taps into your unconscious
mind helping you to work through any hidden unresolved issues, limiting beliefs and thoughts that drive unloving behaviours, and washes your heart clean of past hurts and unhealed emotions. An art therapy session guides you to see beyond the structure of your everyday egoic perception's of yourself and the world, to delve deeper to connect to the essence of your Being. Accessing that connection point illuminates your personal wisdom, resources and answers to life's challenges. As a result, life affirming positive change, freedom and authentic Self expression are some of the benefits of you choosing to take the journey within.